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Tiger Nails - The Original Collection

Tiger Nails' very first collection is now available! The Original Collection features 10 base colors and 15 different sparkly glitter options. Covering all of the essential nail colors bases, the collection includes shades in red, orange, gold, green, teal, blue, purple, pink, silver, and black.

Enchanted Ruby Red - Every 100 years, during the transit of Venus, the ancient Enchanted Ruby rises up from its chamber, radiating its magic, strength, and love into the atmosphere. Ruby red metallic polish paired with classic burgundy and holographic glitter options, lightly sprinkled with chunky red glitters, leave fingers and toes seemingly dripping in precious rubies. 

Tiger's Fire Orange - Harness the power of the Tiger's Fire featuring a beautiful metallic burnt orange polish and a burnt orange mix of classic and holographic glitters for a fierce, rainbowy sparkle. 

Goldy Rocks - A light metallic gold polish paired with a mix of gold classic and holographic glitters, lightly sprinkled with chunky glitters, make a colorful golden shine that's juuuuust right. 

Mermaid Tail Green - Shimmering under the water like sunken treasures, the Mermaid Tail is said to be the most dazzling jewel of the sea.  Metallic ocean green nail polish paired with a stunning mix of green and teal glitters, including an array of chunky glitters, create a truly beautiful Mermaid Tail, right on your nails. 

Aqua Cove Blue - Dive into the warm tropical waters of the Aqua Cove, the most relaxing and rejuvenating natural pool in the world.  A vibrant metallic aqua polish paired with classic and holographic aqua glitter options, recreate the shimmering waters of the peaceful Aqua Cove.  

Sapphire Sun Blue - Even more rare than the Blue Moon is the Sapphire Sun, moving from star to star radiating pure energy into its atmosphere only for a brief moment before moving on to the next one.  Dark metallic blue polish and matching classic and holographic glitters reflect the stellar energy of the Sapphire Sun. 

Grape Galaxy Purple - Take a journey through the Grape Galaxy where 99.9% of the stars shimmer a vibrant violet while giving off the aroma of sweet juicy grapes!  Deep purple polish with matching classic and holographic glitter options create an elegant shine any galaxy would admire.

Passion Crystal Pink - Like a love potion, the beholder of the Passion Crystal can cause anyone to fall in love.  A lovely hot pink metallic polish paired with hot pink classic and holographic glitter options, lightly sprinkled with chunky glitters, keep those hearts skipping beats all over the place. 

Disco Diamond Silver - When light hits the Disco Diamond just right, glittery rainbows shine across the land letting the people know, it's time to get funky. Metallic silver polish paired with matching classic and holographic glitters create a colorful glimmer that's disco ready!

Midnight Party Black - The party starts at midnight and I hope you'll be there.  Metallic charcoal-black polish paired with a mix of classic and holographic black glitters create a dark night full of colorful life. 

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